Your enterprise applications built on-time and on-budget.

Extremely Fast Delivery

It’s never too early to have your custom enterprise application ready and in production. This is why we really commit to deliver on time, on budget, and much faster than any other alternative. We achieve these amazing results by combining three factors:


Process: We use an iterative approach to web application development, so that you always know what’s going on. This way you can adjust the project direction, making sure you get what you need;

  • Platform: Our applications are built using the latest in microsoft technology, the only technology that gives the productivity boost needed to deliver and evolve custom enterprise applications this quick!
  • People: Your knowledge and our expertise are the recipe for success. Our delivery experts have vast experience across 32 industries and in very particular scenarios, and will focus on extracting and building upon your specific business knowledge to deliver the enterprise application of your dreams.
  • Beautiful Applications

    Having an application that does exactly what you need is good. But for an application to be great, it also needs to be beautiful and easy to use. It may sound like a secondary concern, but attention to design and usability has proven benefits for your application:
    • It makes applications easier to learn, making user training faster and cheaper;
    • It allows users to complete tasks faster, thus improving efficiency;
    • It dramatically improves user adoption, one of the key factors of application success.

    Ready to Grow

    Business is always evolving and your application needs to keep up. The problem is that Enterprise Software tends to grow more and more complex as time goes, turning changes that should be simple and fast to do into risky projects that take months to deliver.

    But Enterprise Applications delivered by Grytek Consulting are ready to change. We have customers with 10 year old applications that keep evolving and improving at the same speed they always did. Through the use of the Agile techniques, your applications can truly change at the speed of business.

    Cloud & Mobile Ready

    At Grytek Consulting, we always keep an eye on the latest trends, and we like to package them so they are easy to use. And two of the biggest trends today are Cloud and Mobile.

     Grytek Consulting delivers applications running in the cloud, allowing you to jump over the hassle of getting an on-premise server. And we keep an eye on your servers, to make sure everything is up and running.

    If you need to go mobile, our Agile techniques allows us to build mobile applications that look and feel great on your user’s devices, supporting all major mobile platforms, like iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.