What can Grytek Order Processing software do for you and why should you buy it now!

 Let's look at some common scenarios that you as a business owner, manager, and/or employee are faced with on a daily basis.


Scenario: Tired of having to run different software for your wholesale and retail business?
Solution: Grytek's powerful order processing features allow you to run both wholesale and retail departments with separate price points for each. Wholesale and retail order management all in one package


Scenario: Need to drop ship for your wholesale customers or want to run a drop shipping warehouse?
Solution: Grytek's powerful drop ship features allow you to ship for your wholesale customers and print packing list as though the shipment was mailed from your wholesale customers warehouse.

Scenario: Got too much money tied up in inventory sitting on the shelf not moving and doing you absolutely no good?
Solution: Never fear inventory again. With Grytek's powerful seamless inventory intelligence you select the amount in days of inventory you want to keep and Grytek does the rest by seamlessly reordering based on your sales volume. Forget the complicated pull your hair out inventory systems that only stresses you out.

Scenario: Is reordering taking you a complete day?
Solution: Grytek's powerful intelligent reorder process will shorten reordering time down from 1 day to less than 20 minutes. Time is money. Create purchase orders for all of your suppliers quickly with Grytek remembering what supplier you purchase the product from and what price you last paid.

Scenario: Tired of software companies nickel and diming you for the number of web stores you operate?
Solution: Grytek's powerful web store feature allow you to run an unlimited number of e-commerce sites at no extra cost.

Scenario: Tired of fooling around with product images one by one to put on your web store?
Solution:: Grytek's powerful product image management features allows you to quickly attach images to your products and even watermark them for you for uploading to your web stores. Custom product templates

Scenario: Tired of updating product categories one by one when you have 100's or even 1000's of products? It can take a year to update your whole database.
Solution: Grytek's powerful mass product update features allow you to update 1000 products at once. Now that is a time saver which is a great money saver.

Scenario: Do you have product attributes unique to your business and your software can't adjust?
Solution: Grytek's powerful and easy to use product template allows you to create your own products attributes including lookups, text, and large text fields.

Scenario: Tired of nosy employees snooping thru your confidential information?

Solution: Grytek powerful user access features allows you to give access to software features on a need to know basis. If you don't need to know you will not see it. Scenario: Had enough of product barcodes that are unreadable or worst products that do not have a barcode?

Solution: Grytek's powerful barcode features allow you to use a barcode scanner in place of the keyboard in many screens and you can create your own barcode labels for your products.

Scenario: Tired of shutting down and waiting once a year to count inventory or worse, never counting inventory at all?
Solution: Grytek's powerful inventory counting with a barcode scanner and one touch reconcile and you can even count only 1 category of inventory if you so choose.

Scenario: Tired of human error for updating out going shipments?
Solution: Grytek's powerful shipping system allow you to use a barcode scanner and scan outgoing boxes plus scan tracking numbers automatically into software and send customer notification of this shipment without any additional keystrokes, mouse clicks, or banging on the monitor. Notify customers order status with one click email

Scenario: Tired of loading a third party software package just to send a simple email notification to your customer?
Solution: With Grytek's powerful click once email system you can easily send notifications to your customers.

Scenario: Tired of settling with reports that do not match your business?
Solution: Grytek's powerful report designer allows you to create your own custom reports that meets all of your needs.

Scenario: Do you need to bundle products together for package deals and your software has no clue how to manage it?
Solution: Grytek's powerful product assembly features allow you to create bundle products that are grouped together seamlessly from individual products. When you reorder your supplier will only see the individual products and not your internal bundles.

Other features that are supported: Back orders Returns Email Notifications Export reports, packing list and invoices to pdf, text, HTML, MHT, RTF, CSV, Excel, and image formats much much more....

What Others Say About Millionaire

" My web business went from absolute chaos to a very manageable operation in 30 days. Thanks Again!!" - J Williams, MD

"I was skeptical at first but I decided to try Millionaire and it turned out to be the best business decision I made this year. Thanks! " - A Draughn, GA

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